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At Forever Young Farm, our goal is to breed and train quality Arabians and half-Arabian sport horses. We are not a mass breeding operation nor are we breeding for the current fashion in the show ring. Instead we are striving to produce athletic horses with good working conformation and sound minds that will be useful for a variety of disciplines.

paint arab horse Like herding border collies. Lot of eye appeal in both.

All of our horses, including the stallion, are turned out in large pastures to exercise and grow naturally. Our horses are handled daily. If you should choose to buy a horse from us, we will inform you of all the horse's habits, strengths, and weaknesses to try to avoid any surprises once you get them home, but each buyer is ultimately responsible for determining for themselves how well suited a particular horse is for them. Every horse reacts a little differently with each new rider or owner. Please "try it before you buy it" and if something in particular is especially important to you--for example, loading on a trailer, or riding totally alone, then please ask to see the horse loaded or ask to take the horse out by yourself before making the decision to buy the horse. We will try to tell you everything we can about the horse because we want you to be happy with your purchase and hope that any horse we sell will have a long and useful life with its new owner. We have both prospects and proven horses for sale. You can buy the raw materials or you can buy the finished product--but don't expect to get the finished product for the raw materials price! Please email us if you would like any more information about a horse.

We are breeding a limited number of quality mares to produce foals that should excel at endurance, jumping, dressage or in the show ring. Please contact us if you see one that you would like more information about.

Forever Young Farm is located on 100 acres just east of Raleigh, North Carolina and is easily accessible from I-40 or I-95. Please email us if you would like to find out more about one of our horses.


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