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Sylvania Smith's notes and comments on her FYF horses (quoted from email to friend)

"If you're interested in a well-made Arabian stallion with a great mind for your Paint pony, I can certainly recommend the sire of my three youngsters, Stetson CD by Desperado V, Forever Young Farm.   Don and Nicki used him for endurance -- he has a record of 100-mile completions and top placings.  In my observation, the endurance breeding has produced babies that are sensible, because only sensible horses can do the distance without wasted energy, and without keeping a high pulse in the excitement of vet checks.  Furthermore, I see not a trace of buddy-bondedness in my Stetson babies, and I figured it's because no buddy-sour horse would ever make it in endurance.  I understand that Stetson is so sensible that folks at endurance rides, even in camp, rarely knew he was a stallion.  I've met the horse, of course, and he does seem like a very good-natured guy.

Renegade is a 2006 gelding by Stetson CD out of a TB mare,pictured here at ride #18, his first show:

At MacNair's Hunter Pace, about ride #28:


At Cedarock Park as a four-year-old:

He has been a gem.  In spite of very little exposure or riding, he has been easy to live with, surprising relaxed for an Anglo-Arab.  Here's a favorite shot from his first show, last September.  I totally trusted him with these neighborhood kids who became his fan club; he ate up the attention:

Forrest is his 2008 full brother.  I don't have too many good pictures of him, because he has been such a late bloomer.  He only started to look cute a couple of months ago.  Here he is in December, first groundwork session:


First saddling:

First tarp session. 

2nd ride:

I love the trot on these full brothers!

Lieutenant Dan is by Stetson CD out of a different Thoroughbred mare, a Secretariat granddaughter.  In these pics he's only two:


First time carrying the bit:


Here's a photo from this past summer, three years old:


The breeders, Don and Nicki Meuten, were at the Five County Stables Hunter Pace in November, and we got this classic shot at the finish line of three Forever Young Farm babies together.  Only the two on the left are by half-Arabs by Stetson (FYF Renegade and FYF Nobody's Fool); the one on the right is a purebred by LS Zane Gray, another endurance stallion.

The Meutens are good folks, the real deal.  They have a lovely farm between Zebulon and Bunn.  He's on the faculty (emeritus) at the Vet School, she has a vet clinic in Bunn.  They're *big* into endurance; she's the current AERC Lightweight National Champion, second overall only to Valerie Kanavy at the Nationals last Fall.  Don matches Nicki ride for ride, and they've been doing this for years.   So they certainly know what they're doing in terms of mare care, breeding and handling.

I don't know if you had a color preference, but Stetson CD is gray, and out of a dark bay mare, he has produced 50 percent grays, plus one bay and two chestnuts, all with socks and blazes, but the socks and blazes probably come from the dam.  His babies seem to be solid; all of mine are barefoot.  Renegade has been a dandy on the first flight and full cry hunter paces barefoot.  I'd breed my Prima to Stetson in a minute if she wasn't a 26-year-old maiden mare."

-- Sylvana